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At Bartlett Woods, coming to know God more through worship and Bible study is of paramount importance. For this reason, children not only participate in the worship of the Church but also have a Bible school program tailored for them. Both Bible classes and worship hours allow the children to engage with God’s Word and grow their faith.

Outside of the Bible School program, BW Kids also participate in Lads 2 Leaders/Leaderettes, a program that provides training, mentoring, and encouragement to allow them to use their talents in serving God and the church.


We maintain a calendar of events ranging from annual outreach events like Egg Hunt, Fall Fest, Breakfast with Santa, and Vacation Bible School, to service-oriented projects and faith-building family experiences, all in a safe and enriching environment with caring and enthusiastic volunteers.


Bartlett Woods implements a rotation-based Bible class model for Kindergarten through 5th Grade. From art and drama, to cooking and games, each week the children move to a new station that explores the Bible story in a different sensory way.


The children’s wing has been transformed into Sycamore Square, an imaginative place where the children can immerse themselves in the experience of growing their faith in Jesus in such a unique way.

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